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Our Associates

Prime Wayfinders Inc.

Prime Wayfinders Inc. is a sister company of SMDI specializing in developing traffic management plans and wayfinding solutions for residential/office/commercial/mixed-use buildings, infrastructure projects, institutional and public facilities.

PTV Group Germany and Asia - Pacific

SMDI has been in partnership with PTV Group since the 2000s. Their traffic software suite provides tools for traffic analysis in various analysis levels (i.e., macroscopic, mesoscopic and microscopic) that helps evaluate solutions and empower mobility and transport for a smarter future.

Their headquarters is in Germany but SMDI is in direct coordination with PTV Group Asia – Pacific located in Singapore. They proved technical and sales support for SMDI.

Urban PeakHour

SMDI tied up with PeakHour Australia to bring AI-based traffic forecasting in the Philippines. This technology can provide traffic forecasts with extreme precision without a traffic model instead, the program uses volume and speed data to predict the traffic conditions within the next few hours.


SMDI has collaborated with GoodVision, Ltd. United Kingdom to offer automated traffic data collection of traffic data collection in the Philippines. Traffic data are extracted from video recordings using a powerful AI-based platform providing more reliable data by eliminating human error in the process.