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Urban Transport And Traffic Engineering

The firm provides consultancy services, in planning and design of an efficient and systematic movement of people, vehicle fleet and goods, as an integral part of proposed developments. Specific services offered are:

  • Comprehensive transportation planning and studies
  • Urban transportation system development/improvement
  • Pedestrian and vehicle simulation studies
  • Car park planning and development
  • Traffic control and management schemes
  • Traffic impact assessment
  • Traffic and travel demand surveys
  • Transport economics
  • Transport modeling/Transport demand analysis
  • Toll analysis and studies
  • Goods distribution truck terminal development
  • Public transport system development
  • Public transport terminal development/improvement
  • Maritime safety improvement
  • Rail/port/airport development

Comprehensive Development Planning

commences with an honest, candid assessment of the potentials of the property, based on a comprehensive and integrated evaluation of the site investigation, findings and analyses. This assessment not only encompasses the infrastructure layout within, but also looks at the impact on the development area. SMDI provides the following services:

  • Comprehensive transportation planning and studies
  • Urban transportation system development/improvement
  • Site and master planning
  • Land use planning
  • Urban/regional development planning
  • Urban regeneration/renewal
  • Commercial center/facility development
  • Subdivision/housing estate/condominium development
  • Industrial parks/estate development
  • Tourism development
  • Environmental impact assessment

Market Research and Analysis

Recent years have witnessed dramatic changes due to globalization and social media. This growth in global consciousness brought changes in the attitudes and preferences of consumers. Be it a commercial center, an airport terminal or a transport service, consumers are consulted in their preferences not only on the type of services that they can avail of, but also on the quality of such services. It is along this context that the firm has involved itself in market research and consumer studies. The firm’s services include the design and implementation of market surveys, processing, analysis and interpretation of data. Such data provide valuable information to the operators of the concerned organizations in order to make them more responsive to the consumer’s needs. The market research studies being handled by the firm cover the following:

  • For commercial centers
  • For tollway services
  • Bus and railway service supply and demand studies
  • Consumer research on shopping and food/beverage services at airport terminals

Our Commitment to Clients

SMDI is dedicated to conducting projects of the highest standards, driving us to work to the highest level of quality with the goal of continuously building client and partner value.

We have a capable team of trained transport planners and traffic engineers, using the most modern modelling and simulation softwares that set us apart from the competition.

Simulation Video Samples of our Projects

NLEX Bocaue Interchange - 2020 Scheme 7

NLEX San Fernando Interchange - 2020 Scheme 2

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